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10 Sexiest Female Action Heroes

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They’re young, they’re hot, and they could kick the crap out of any dude out there… including me. Just thinking about them makes most men forget whatever it was they were thinking of a minute ago. So without further adieu, I give you my personal 10 favorite female action hotties…


10. Beatrix Kiddo


Women be crazy when they pregnant, am I right fellas!? Uma Thurman’s intensity, empowerment, and desire for revenge in this film make her, literally, crazy hot. I don’t know, something about the sword/motorcycle outfit combo just does it for me.


9. The Sucker Punch Babes: Babydoll, Blondie, Sweetpea, Amber, Rocket


Sorry, their movies wasn't that good so they all count as one. I would help any of these girls escape from any institution they wanted out of. Screw reality folks, any one of these gals could kick my A$$ and I'd be thrilled to watch it happen.


8. Aeon Flux


I would consider it an honor to be assassinated by Aeon Flux. The only problem is that I'd have to somehow get to the year 2415 to be assassinated by her. For the love of God, look at those splitz!


7. Rose Tyler


Billie Piper could make this list for the accent alone. For those of you unfamiliar with what a Dr. Who is, I still couldn’t tell you. From what I’ve seen, it’s basically like if Joss Whedon directed a British Gilmore Girls. However Ms. Piper is one sexy time travelress.


6. Leeloo


If there was a litmus test for sexy this girl would Multipass. Leeloo makes a horrible, dystopian future look desirable. Never have I been more jealous of Bruce Willis than I was of him in The Fifth Element. Although I must admit that the rather androgynous Chris Tucker takes a close second in this movie.


5. Xena


Man, I use to run home from school just to watch this warrior princess kick some serious ass while getting uncomfortably close to her dainty sidekick. It taught me many valuable lessons about life, love, and the intricacies of the Kinsey scale.


4. Elastigirl


She’s smart, sassy and muy flexible. Plus the red spandex… There has always been something innately sexual about female Disney characters but this lady takes the prize. Plus you already know she goes for schlubby dudes.


3. Tank Girl


Don’t you dare forget about Tank Girl, Amurrca! She is a hero and a patriot and a crazy accurate doppelganger of Gwen Stefani. Lori Petty spends the whole movie bouncing around in skimpy clothing, which caused most young men to grow up a lot faster in 1995.


2. Ripley


If you haven't seen Alien, you have to log into Netflix (or whatever source you like to get your movies from) and get it immediately. Ripley kicks some serious alien ass in this movie. Ladies, take note… THIS is how you kill aliens and get sh*t done.


1. Princess Leia


The gold standard of sexy female action chicks. This princess is one of the few women in an entire galaxy, which made her all anyone was looking at. Whether she was in a white nightgown or a gold bikini Leia will forever be the sexiest action star this side of the Dagobah System.

Who are your favorite female action heroes/characters? Let's discuss!

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