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10 Sexiest Muppets

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Muppets are adorable and witty. I mean, we all grew up loving them, am I right? But now that we're grown up, let's be honest. Some of those Muppets are looking kind of sexy. In an admittedly weird and very wrong kind of way.


The Count


The desire to hook-up up with a vampire is pretty big right now. I haven't been feeling the trend, but I'd be down with The Count. It's hard to remember a time when vampires weren't ruined by associations with glitter and pathetically submissive female love, but I'm pretty sure The Count would make me remember. And then he'd repeat it over and over and over again.


Floyd Pepper


Hello? He's a rock star! Plus Floyd is the only person I know who can rock a hipster 'stache and not make me wanna give him a swift kick in the felt balls. Yup! I would totally play doctor with this Pepper!


Miss Piggy


It's hard not to be attracted to a confident woman. Especially when she smells like bacon.


The Swedish Chef


Nothing is hotter than a guy who can cook. Especially one who has a sexy foreign accent. Plus, this guy is really into Borking. Just saying!


Oscar The Grouch


I kind of have a thing for grumps. But honestly, I really just want to go home with him so I can finally get a look at what's inside his can. If the can's a-rocking, don't come-a knocking! I'm looking at you, Big Bird! On Sesame Street they call that a Bird Block.


Sam The Eagle


Sure he may seem like a straight-laced, conservative, family values type, but I think we all know by now that it's those holier-than-though judgmental guys that really know how to get their freak on. Seeing Sam get his feathers all ruffled? I approve!




You have to admit Janice is kind of hot. Even if she does probably take a ton of sexy mirror fail pics!


Statler Or Waldorf


I'm not normally into grandpa types, but I'd be down to letting either one of these crotchety cougars (can men be cougars?) whisper sweet insults into my ears. Of course all of this hanky panky is predicated on the fact that they are not wearing adult diapers yet.




Who doesn't love a guy with passion? Animal has always been the Muppet I've loved the most, but now I'm kind of loving him for sexy reasons. As long as he doesn't beat me with his drumstick. I'm definitely not into that kind of thing.




You know Rowlf would be the the type of guy who would snuggle up on the sofa and watch movies with you. Nothing is sexier than a best friend boyfriend. Just don't fall for his 'Hold my bone' joke. Or maybe you wanna fall for it. WOOF!

Which Muppet do you think is kind of sexy? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments!

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