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10 Shows To Watch INSTEAD Of The Oscars

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So the Academy Awards are tomorrow. Ug. There has GOT to be something better on, right? Well, Here are 10 shows that are on during the academy awards which I would NEVER normally watch, but I might just give them a chance….


227 on GMC

Even though this sounds like math, I'll give it a shot


Bassmasters on ESPN2

Normally, I don't like fishing, but these guys are bassamateurs, they are bassmasters.


Body Gospel Infomercial

I don't know why God didn't just MAKE me fit and healthy, but I'll give this a shot.


NEP League on The Japanese Channel

I'm sure this somehow involves school girls or giant robots.


Old Dogs on Starz

I think Seth Green is in this. Everyone likes Seth Green, right?


Praise a Thon on TCT

At first glance I thought this was some kind of Norse mythology thing about Thor. Oh well.


Shark Vacuum Infomercial

This is great. My shark is VERY DUSTY.


VENOM Nature's Killer on Novavi

It's natural, therefore it's HEALTHY.


Dukes Of Hazzard on CMT



10 Ways To Kill Bin Laden On History International

What's weird is that there are 10 and ONLY 10. The man is impervious to meteors!


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