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10 Songs You Should NEVER Play When Making Out

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If you ever watched a rom-com movie or pretty much anything involving romance of any kind, you know that playing just the right song can help set the mood for a little make-out session with your honey. Since pretty much nothing will ruin a guy's mood, this list goes out to all the wannabe Casanovas. NOT playing an inappropriate song is half the battle when it comes to making a girl wanna kiss you. Having minty fresh breath and not being too handsy is the other half. Here are ten of the worst.


Any Glee Cover But Especially Baby

This combo is like the opposite of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Two horrible things that sound even more horrible together. Even if she is a Gleek Belieber–and believe me they exist–you will never measure up to the Biebs or the blonde Biebs wannabe, and things will get awkward fast. If she's not a Gleek or a Belieber, she'll probably barf in your lap and then tell everyone at school, ruining your reputation forever.



I like Eminem but it's probably not a good idea to play a song about killing people and kissing male mannequins. Unless she's into that kind of thing. But why would you wanna kiss a girl whose teen idol is Dexter? Oh yeah, because you're a guy. Nevermind.



If you want a girl to feel comfortable don't make her feel insecure about her milkshake. It may not bring all the boys to the yard, but there's an old saying, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. I'm pretty sure that applies here somehow.


Your Body Is A Wonderland- John Mayer

If lyrics like One thing I've left to do, discover me, discovering you don't make her squirm uncomfortably, the thought of John Mayer's face singing them will.


I Wanna Love You-Akon Ft. Snoop Dog

Don't let the title fool you! There's nothing romantic about winding and grinding, or motels for that matter. Unless you're dating a stripper. Then she will probably swoon when you play this romantic ode to hoes. Or is it hos?


I Kissed A Girl- Katy Perry

Nice try. 


I Just Had Sex-Lonely Island Ft. Akon

This song is HILAR…but no girl wants to think she's kissing someone who was just kissing someone else. Come to think of it, pretty much anything by or featuring Akon should not be played. Oh and Lil' Wayne. Can't forget about Lil' Wayne.  


Do Me-Bell Biv Devoe

Hey I like to kick it old school just as much as the next girl. But this song will bring more lulz than lip smacking. I do, however, appreciate the honesty. And actually I like a guy with a sense of humor. Hey wait a minute! Hands off ladies! The guy who plays this unromantic song is all mine!


Hey, Soul Sister- Train

This is the kind of song that guys think girls like but it actually sends us into a tailspin of rage. We will hate you for playing it as long as it's stuck in our heads. Which will be a loooooong friggin' time.


Born This Way-Lady Gaga

It's fine to be born whatever way you were born. But no one wants to be wondering what way that is before they kiss you. And a guy who listens to Lady Gaga is definitely more likely to have some sort of surprise in store. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

What are some other songs that would ruin a romantic make-out session? Let me know @desijedekin or tell us in the comments below!

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