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The 10 Strangest Hotel Rooms In The World

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The world is full of amazing hotels that offer bizarre themed room adventures. People love to get away from the every day, and what better way to do that than to stay at one of these strangely unique and imaginative hotel rooms!?


Ice Hotel

If you like the cold you can stay at the Ice Hotel in Sweden. The water from a river running near the hotel is used to create the Ice Hotel as it stands. They do this every year!


The Orange Pod Hotel

At around 13ft in diameter, this reclaimed orange pod might not exactly be called spacious, but that’s not the point of this unconventional accommodation. You can find many hotels made of these orange pods around the world.


The Vampire Room – Propeller Island Hotel (Berlin, Germany)

Ever wonder what it would be like to sleep in a coffin? Well wonder NO more!


Sewer Pipe Hotel

The Das Park Hotel at Ottensheim, Austria, has transformed sewer pipes into hotel rooms. They actually look kind of cool.


The Upside Down Hotel Room

German artist Lars Stroschen designed this room to alter guests' perceptions of the world… turning it completely upside down!


Igloo Hotels

There are many igloo hotels but this one is made of heated glass, keeping it a comfortable temperature inside so you can cuddle and watch the snow falling through the clear glass structure.


The Capsul Hotel In Japan

For $30 dollars a night you can stay in Tokoy's Capsule Hotel. New York has a copycat hotel called The Pod but it's $100 a night.


The Doggie Hotel

This crazy hotel room was designed by a couple of "chainsaw artists." The actual lodging area is up in an alcove in the dog's head. Gives new meaning to, "Sleeping in the dog house."


Prison Hotel

This room at the Propeller Island Hotel is a strange cross between prison cell and trapped Chilean miners.


40 Feet Under

They are still building this hotel, but this room at the Poseidon Hotel in Fiji rests (or will rest) 40 feet under water. You will have a spectacular view of fish getting it on… the fish will in turn have a spectacular view of YOU getting it on.

Which room do you want to stay in the most?


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