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10 Superheroes Who Are Probably Gay

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Sadly, we still live in a world filled with intolerance, so I'm sure there's a lot of superheroes who are gay, but not comfortable coming out of the closet. Superheroes don't even normally want people knowing who they are – they wear masks and crap. Anywho, here are the heroes we think are probably gay…



Some people think that Batman has a thing going on with Robin. Are you kidding? Batman can do WAY better. He's friggin BATMAN. Why do you always think he's "teaming up" with Superman? Also, there's a whole big wikipedia article on him being gay. Just sayin'.


Captain Metropolis

Captain Metropolis in The Watchmen is a marine who had to leave the Marines "for some reason." He's also "very close" with a hero called; Hooded Justice. However, those pants are hideous, so there's no way to know for sure.


This Guy

Don't know too much about this superhero, but our gaydar is sounding the alarm. Also, what's with the limp wrist? Way to perpetuate negative stereotypes, dude.



We suspect that Anole, a young X-man, is gay, mostly because he's out of the closet gay. So we're pretty sure about this one. Being a mutant lizard man probably doesn't help him get dates, but maybe the prehensile tongue makes up for it? Also, when Anole has sex, he's having Anole sex. That's pretty funny.



There's just something about that hair that screams "gay." Also, Hulkling is an out homosexual. So it's not just the hair. Beyond that, he's also a shape-shifting alien half-breed. How many forms of discrimination does one hero have to face? Sheesh!


Iron Man

Always banging hot chicks… WHAT IS HE TRYING TO PROVE?



Well, for starters, Northstar is a French-Canadian. (KIDDING. Please don't write us letters.) Anyway, we think that Northstar might be gay because he claims to be gay, and is actually gay. Call it a hunch. Also, his costume has like snowflakes or a maple leaves or something on it. So, gay people can be lame too.


Captain Planet

Half-shirt, bikini briefs, and boots? I mean, COME ON. Plus, he cares a lot about the environment, AND, his theme song is ripped off from a New Kids On The Block song…


Capt. Gay

I'm 98% sure whoever this is likes men, but there's a small chance he's a straight dude with really unusual color preferences.


Ambiguously Gay Duo

There's just something slightly gay about these two… Not sure exactly what it is…


So those are the superheroes we think are probably gay. Maybe one day we'll live in a world where all heroes, straight, gay, bi, tri, shapeshifting, can be honest and open about who they are.

Do you think any of these characters AREN't gay? Who do you think we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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