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10 Superheroes Who Have Done More Harm Than Good

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You know when you see a commercial for some pill and the list of side effects seems way worse than the symptoms of the actual illness? Sure you cure restless leg syndrome, but you get diabetes and a stroke. The same can be true for superheroes. Sure they save people, but the collateral damage is enough to raise concerns over whether or not these guys are doing more harm than good.


10. Batman


In general this guy is pretty well calculated when it comes to taking down criminals, until you look at his driving record. Hey, you know what would be easier than destroying a bunch of private property in low-income sectors of Gotham City next time you’re chasing the Joker? A helicopter. You can invent a tank that drives on the ceiling, but you can’t get your bathands on a batcopter? Get your head in the game dude!


9. V for Vendetta


The guy was a seemingly elitist terrorist who blew up the Parliament on behalf of the working class. Sure it was a corrupt regime, but the corrupt people die before the explosion. You know who wasn’t corrupt? The dozens of underpaid workers who had to spend their evenings as security guards and janitors for Parliament and Big Ben.


8. Thor


Just…go see the movie. It’s like, you know when you’re sixteen and your parents go on vacation and you throw a huge party and the place gets trashed, then you desperately try to clean up the mess before your parents get home. Now picture you’re a superhero and your house is Earth.


7. Neo


The machines in The Matrix realized that earth was no longer fit for humans, and instead of destroying us they hooked everyone up to dream machines where they could live a happy and normal life. Until sad Keanu came in a screwed it all up. Thanks for nothing, jerk!


6. Captain Planet


Hey, let’s give complete control of the elements to a bunch of emotionally unstable teenagers in order to prevent a couple of nuclear power plants from leaking. TURRABLE IDEA YOU GUYSES! The damage those rings did as far as causing forest fires, changing tides, causing tsunamis, and spreading an unnatural amount of whatever the hell heart was, is incalculable.


5. Professor X


He brainwashes young students to believe that they have to protect the very society out to destroy them. If it wasn’t for Wolverine these guys would have been playing Hands-Across-Canada and singing crappy Joni Mitchell covers. Magneto was right, it’s friggin war time y’all!


4. Wonder Woman


Okay so she never really got anyone hurt, but talk about someone who can set women’s’ lib back about 40000000000001 years. The David E. Kelly show is going to be a disaster and for good reason. A female superhero should be courageous and empowering, not some role-playing cat lady who relies on her male counterpart to solve her problems and open jars of peanutbutter for her.


3. David Dunn


Unbreakable was very underrated, until you think about how many people this guy let die just because he didn’t want to “buy in to the whole superhero thing.” Sam Jackson was right to wreck that train, David Dunn could have saved so many lives had he just bought into the myth.


2. The Hulk


Uh, yeah, like, seriously you guys. All this guy was, was collateral damage. Aside from destroying millions of dollars worth of military and civilian property, he brought jorts back into style. Screw this guy.


1. Spiderman


I’m speaking solely of course of Spiderman from “Spiderman: Turn off the dark” the short-lived Broadway musical. While these other examples have been a fun look at fictional worlds this musical was actually ruining real people’s lives. I say we strap Bono (who did the music for this disaster) and see how much he likes it.

What other superheroes have done more bad than good? Let's discuss.

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