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10 Thanksgiving Pick-Up Lines

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Thanksgiving is a time for family, fine food and making long-lasting memories. It's also a great time to make your moves with some holiday-related naughty wordplay!


I Must Compliment You On Your Lovely Spread! 


The Hostess will definitely appreciate that you appreciate all her hard work!


What Do You Say I Pop A Wig Wam And Invite You Over? I'd Love To Pass The Peace Pipe With You!


What better way to impress the ladies than by offering up some old-school tradition? Your peace pipe will be smoking in no time!


One Look At You And Imma Have To Unbutton My Pants! Cause They Are About To Burst!


Let her know that you like her for more than just her fine cooking!


You're The Only Girl I'd Ever Share My Secret Method To Moist Turkey With!


Way to make a girl feel special!


I'm The Opposite Of A Turkey…I Cook For Four And A Half Hours After My Timer Pops!


This line will probably fail on a guest who's about to enter a tryptophan coma. The only thing she'll want four and a half hours of is sleep!


No Need To Get Up For Seconds! I'm More Than Happy To Let You Gobble Off Of My Plate!


Show your chivalrous side! That never hurts…even if it isn't 100% chivalrous.


So, Technically We're Not Blood Related, Right? Cause Those Juicy Breasts Are Making Me Hungry!


It's always a good idea to find out if you share a bloodline before flirting.


Why Don't You Put Down That Second Piece Of Pie, Pretty Pilgrim. I Think It's High Time You Discovered My Plymouth Rock.


Or heck…let her bring the pie! Exploring can make you hungry!


There's Only One Cavity That I Wanna Stuff…If You Know What I'm Saying!


Best not to drive the point home with a raw turkey carcass. Salmonella's a definite turn off!


Wanna Pull The Wishbone With Me? I Promise I'll Let You Win!


Awww! She'll be swooning over you after you lay this line on her! Or breaking your bone in half with her foot. Tread carefully.

What are some other Thanksgiving pick-up lines? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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