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10 Things Tim Burton and Johnny Depp Do in Private!

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In the Year of Our Lord 1990, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp first collaborated on a little film called Edward Scissorhands (ever heard of it?). In the 22 years since, they've defined the phrase "gothic bromance" (a phrase I just coined) by continuing to push out a butt-ton of macabre films, up to and including the just-released Dark Shadows. Let's face it – at this point, they seem a little too close for comfort. So close, in fact, that one can't help but wonder what they do when the cameras are off. Well, wonder no further! I've got some hot intel on what these living dead boys do when they think no one else is watchin'.


Blood Brothers 4 Lyfe [sic]

tim burton johnny depp blood brothers

They dim the lights and perform the blood brothers ritual again…and again…and again…


A Coupla REAL Weirdos

tim burton johnny depp nonsensical weirdos


Just like in their public lives, privately they also revel in doing things that make no g**damned sense.


Show Me the Money!

tim burton johnny depp count stacks of money

They get together in Malibu and count their money…then they practice acting like they don't care about money (for the red carpet, duh).


Haiku…For You!

tim burton johnny depp embarrassing poetry


They write embarrassingly glowing poetry about each other like a coupla teenage girls. Helena Bonham Carter, you best put a leash on that man of yours!


Secret Shame

tim burton johnny depp keeping up with the kardashians

Goth, smoth. They watch "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" just like the rest of America. But they do it…IN THE DARK!


Someone Call a Taxi

tim burton johnny depp danny devito


They hang out with Danny Devito…just to BLOW YOUR FRIGGIN' MIND.


Bedtime Stories

tim burton johnny depp h.p. lovecraft

Ask any gal wearing a corset and black lipstick – being achingly goth is hard, man. To stay sharp, they read H.P. Lovecraft out loud to each other every night.


T.G.I. Everyday's

tim burton johnny depp chain restaurants

They're so used to the absurd sets in their kooky films, they can no longer appreciate subdued design. As such, they can only eat at chain restaurants. PITY THEM.


Let's Boogie!

tim burton johnny depp break dancing


The only thing they love more than being creepy is getting funky. So? They constantly break dance in character.


You're It!

tim burton johnny depp hide and seek

Yeah, they have a playroom. And yeah, they LOVE hide-and-seek. What of it?


Anything else you think these dudes do IRL? Let me know in the comments, or tell me @Bornferal!


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