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10 Things That Will Turn Any Girl Off

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Some girls are into nerds, some love a bad boy, and some are just looking for a guy with money. So turn-ons can definitely vary, but these ten things will turn-off pretty much every girl.


Way Too Close With Mom

People often say that if you wanna see how a man treats a woman, look at how he treats his mother. Things you might wanna see—mutual respect and a caring relationship. Things you don’t wanna see—mouth kisses that last too long and naptime spooning.


Hobbit Feet

Even the biggest Tolkien fan wouldn’t be into Frodo feet. And sorry but covering them up with socks and sandals only makes it worse.


The Non-Stop Clown

Girls like a guy who’s fun with a great sense of humor. They do not like a guy who thinks flashing his moobs is a good way to fill every awkward silence, or one who thinks it’s hilarious to leave an upper decker in your parents’ master bathroom. Google it.


Disturbing Muscles

Can we all agree that there is such a thing as too much muscle? Girls love to be held in her guys arms. Not things that looks like two honey-baked hams.


Too In Touch With His Feminine Side

There is nothing sexier to a guy than seeing his girl lounging around wearing only one of his button down shirts. But I don’t know any girl who would get turned on seeing a guy wearing her favorite pair of skinny jeans. Especially if they look better on him.


Rat Tails

Why are people still trying to rock this look? Sure it’ll get you a high five from the boys down at Cooter’s Redneck Drinking Hole, but it will not get you a special lady friend. Girls do not like running their fingers through a long, stringy, greasy piece of hair, especially when it’s attached to shaved hair art.


Decor That Says ‘I’m Still 12’

It’s not like we walk into a guy’s space and expect to see it decked out in mid-century-modern or shabby chic. But no girl wants to walk into a guy’s pad and see that his décor is defined by pages torn out from Maxim magazine and cartoon characters. And FYI: guns, machetes and samurai swords will not make her think you’re a bad a**. It’ll trigger her fight-or-flight response.


The Fabio Look

In all of my life I have never met one woman who is not repulsed by this man. He’s like the sex symbol version of Ke$ha music…who’s buying this sh*t !?? Going for this look is a bad idea. Even my Nana thought he was a homely Russian female wrestler! Okay, she is legally blind… but still!


Disturbing Expressions Of Love

Shaving a heart into your burly man chest hair is not romantic. It’s creepy. Especially when you post it on her facebook wall after one blind date. And especially, especially when you’re rocking a serial killer look.



Bromances are cute and funny in Judd Apatow movies. In real life girls do not want to always hang out with two guys wearing nothing but tightey-whiteys while watching Inglorious Basterds for the hundredth time. Even Princess Peach had to finally say enough is enough after she found Mario and Luigi’s glamour shot!

So girls, what are some other turn offs that need to be added to the list? And boys…admit it, which ones are you guilty of? Let us know in the comments!

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