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10 Things You Never Want To See On Your Final Exam

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Teachers usually write "Great Essay!" or "Needs work" on a test. But sometimes teachers are in a rough place emotionally and they overshare. On a student's final exam can be a particularly inappropriate place to do it. Here are some examples of teachers blurring the boundaries you should hope you never see on your final exam.


I don't care how cute your teacher is, trust me, DO NOT CALL HIM.


This teacher is going to be a real pain, bursting into cryings in the middle of a lecture on George Washington, and yelling at you about nothing in the middle of class because the color of your sweater reminds her of the color of her ex-husband's favorite sweater. 


Switch classes immediately. You thought his winking was a problem he had with his eye, like a tick or something. No, he was winking at you.


This teacher is terminally insecure and will follow you out to your car to ask you if you think his car is cool, and will probably show up to high school parties in the summer and talk nervously about bands that no one's ever heard of,  making everyone really uncomfortable.


He was just the creepy intense German teacher, now I highly recommend asking to be excused to the bathroom and not coming back.


Ah damnit, this world is just an illusion created by robots to keep us asleep while they feed on our essence. Well, at least you know what you're going to be doing for summer break now.


It is OK for a guy to take ballet lessons, but you shouldn't be the person he's asking about it.


I don't know why this got on the list. This is totally appropriate.


It's a bad sign that your teacher is giving you a grade baseed on how much he likes your hair. On the other hand, the longer you keep your hair the better your grades will be, good information to know.


I hope you're wearing a bullet proof vest today, cuz this teacher's about ready to snap.


What are some other things you never want to see a teacher write on your test? Let us know in the comments!

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