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10 Types Of Girl Halloween Costumes

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Still struggling to decide what you'll be for Halloween, ladies? I know it can be hard with all the different 'sexy' options to choose from. But don't get too overwhelmed! All costumes really can be broken down into these ten types. Here's my handy dandy list of costume options for chicks. Guys, you can just continue being the Dude or a flasher. We get it. You like the Big Lebowski and you have a penis and a trench coat.


Something Creative But Lame


Any lame a-hole can go as Bella! But only the most creative lame a-hole goes as the actual book! Hope you enjoy guys asking if they can bob your apple.


Something Creative And AWESOME!


This is how you do Halloween! 8-bit has never looked better!


A Childhood Favorite


There are only two rules for doing characters from your childhood. If it's a girl character…she must be 'all grown up' wink wink. You need to make guys wanna explora Dora! And if it's a guy character…he needs to have grown up into a sexy woman. If a guy doesn't say "Dayum I totally wanna one-up Mario!"  you have failed.


A Historical Figure


Historical figures don't have to be stuffy! Take a hint from Wayne's World hero, Garth Algar, Babe-raham Lincoln is HOT! Just don't go as J. Edgar Hoover. That would be weird.


Someone Who Was 'Big' In 2011 


People love topical costumes! But you don't wanna be one of the zillion zombie Amy Winehouses at the big Halloween shindig! Mix it up by going as Osama Bin Hottie! Sexy, scary and inappropriate? Congratulations. You've hit the Halloween costume trifecta.


A Revamped Classic


The best thing about classic costumes is that you usually have everything you need in your house already to make the magic happen! Those of you with lazy parents like me know exactly what I'm talking about! Make it your own by adding a 'sexy' twist! Sexy hobo anyone? Just don't go 'trick or treating' near a shantytown and your night should remain assault free! Trust me…that ain't no treat!


Half Of A Cute Couple Costume


Nothing says love more than being the Sammi to your guy's Ronnie. Or the hole to your guy's key…hey wait a minute!


Inappropriately Sexy


Certain things just are not sexy…but that doesn't have to stop you from trying! Sexy big bird? Yowza! Smoking hot Spongebob? Now you're talking! But if you really wanna 'go there,' bust out sexy eating disorder. If people say that Anna Rexia is offensive, just say you're actually a sexy skeleton. In your face, PC police!


Appropriately Sexy


On an adult! Please people! Little girls should only be sexy in child beauty pageants.


Something Actually Scary


How crazy would it be to actually dress as something scary on Halloween?? I know, right? That would be bananas! Don't worry, you can still let the fellas know that underneath that ghoulish make-up there is a sexy, sexy girl. Although I don't know too many guys that would wanna take a plunge in Samara's well. WHA??

What are you being for Halloween? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below! I really wanna know! And have a spook-tacular Halloween! 

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