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10 Ways You Should NEVER Ask Someone To Prom

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We all know the pressures of the perfect prom experience can be anxiety inducing to say the least. So let's start at the very beginning by first eliminating the worst ways to ask your desired prom date to the big night. We'll work on the horrible thing you plan on wearing next.



Hide Under The Bed Until They Fall Asleep


This just has too much room for error. You could be seriously injured or get dust allergies from being down there.


Pay Them To Go With You


Unless it’s a very reasonable price…otherwise there are just too many other expenses.


Spell It Out in Your Own Blood


Could be misinterpreted as just a tiny bit emo.


Write A Song


Unless you are Bieber, or at least have a rhinestone heart on your feminine long sleeve shirt, you should not be serenading anyone.




Facebook message is totes better.




So scared.


Cry About It


Never take notes from this guy. Ever.


Use Only the Word “Prom”


Also, just don’t try to write in bubble letters if you don’t know how…


On Your Calculator


At least this is a TI-83 PLUS though…


Tattoo it…


…UNLESS you get it written on your body this many times because then Brenda better frickin say yes.

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