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10 Weirdest Beauty Rituals from Around the World

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It seems people will do anything to look young, including some highly questionable procedures. We are delighted to share these beauty rituals with you. Which will you try?


Snail Secretion Rejuvenator

The odd folks in Chile offer a thoroughly creepy facial made of gooey snail secretion, said to provide protection against pollution and ultraviolet radiation. We think we’d rather get a tan, thanks.


24-Karat Gold Facial

For no other reason than making you feel happy, you can pay $300 for a solid-gold facial in Japan or China. Guess what? You don’t get to keep the gold when you’re done.


Fish Foot Exfoliation

In Turkey and Japan, among other countries, you can hang out in a pool filled with fish that nibble off your dead skin. As if this weren’t skeevy enough, the pools are PUBLIC, which means you get to soak in water filled with regurgitated dead skin from the gnarly toes of creepy old men. Charming.


Chocolate Fondue Wrap

Hershey, probably the most famous chocolate company in the United States, is trading on its name by offering chocolate fondue body wraps, which are thought to be anti-aging. We bet you’d have to pay extra to have a hot chick lick off the chocolate when you’re done.


Cactus Massage & Tequila Body Scrub

At the fancy-schmancy Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico, masochists can get rubbed with cactus and scrubbed with margaritas (salt, lime and tequila). Ouch! We don’t recommend ingesting the used scrub, no matter how tempting.


Beer Bath

The Germans love their beer so much they soak in it. So does Catherine Zeta-Jones. As many of these baths, thought to sooth your skin, are enjoyed in groups, we don’t advise drinking your bathwater.


Snake Massage

For the low price of $70, the Ada Barak Spa in Israel will cover you with corn snakes, milk snakes and Florida king snakes for a soothing massage. Yeah, that doesn’t sound so relaxing.


Leech Detox

In the Middle Ages, doctors used leeches to “cure” sick people. These days, Demi Moore uses them, flying all the way to Austria for the privilege. One has to wonder if blood-letting is going to make a comeback, too…


Nightingale-Dropping Facial

Originated in Japan, but now available worldwide, nightingale-dropping facials remove dead skin. If smooth skin means sitting in a chair for an hour and a half with bird poop on our faces, we’ll just use a loofah.


Urine Gargle

The ancient Romans believed that gargling pee—especially from the Portuguese, whose urine was suppose to be extra-potent—was a breath freshener and teeth whitener. Thankfully, this procedure is no longer practiced, but we still have to wonder why Portuguese pee is so darned special.

Which of these beauty treatments do you find most disgusting? Tell us in the comments!


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