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10 Worst Cartoon Moms

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Mother's Day is this Sunday…just in case your mom hasn't given you enough passive-aggressive hints already. So you better hurry and buy her some grocery store roses or a Whitman's Sampler from Walgreens or something else that shows how 'much' you care. These cartoon moms on the other hand…DESERVE NOTHING! Here's 10 of the worst cartoon moms ever animated.


Linda Stotch–South Park


Now, I'm pretty sure my mother would've grounded me too for putting balls on my chin. Real or fake. But no matter how pissed my mom got, I'm certain that she never would've made me the unwilling partner in an unsuccessful murder-suicide. Even if my dad was a horny closeted gay dude who frequented the White Swallow Spa. OHHHHHH…I just got that.


Mrs. Turner–The Fairly OddParents


How you gonna leave your precious child with an evil teen bitch of a babysitter? IT'S WRONG! Just so you can go out and have fun, while your daughter stays at home eating cold Kraft macaroni and cheese, before she's forced to shave her  caretaker's  feet calluses with a pedi-egg!? Oopsie. Okay, I have a personal problem with this kind of mother. 


Mrs. Muntz –The Simpsons


If ever there was a child crying out for guidance, it's Nelson Muntz. Unfortunately for him, his mother's too busy smoking, drinking and whoring her way through Springfield's finest men. Like Moe Szyslak. Yeah. Clearly Nelson's 'HAHA!" is hiding a lot of pain.  Did I mention his Mom is the world's most broke-down Hooters waitress?  If that's what the rest of Springfield's Hooters waitresses look like, I'd finally buy that 'We go there for the wings.' excuse.


Pamela Manson–Danny Phantom


Imagine growing up with a mom who clearly hates everything about you? I mean I get annoyed by goths as much as the next person, but Sam is a likable Goth! And she's a cat-person. I like people who like cats. 


Charlotte Pickles–Rugrats


I have no problem with a successful woman whose life is her job. Just not when you have kids. Especially when your daughter emulates your power-bitch persona and terrorizes helpless children. You aren't even listening to me are you? TOO DAMNED BUSY WITH YOUR PRECIOUS PHONE CALL!


Mom– Futurama


This lady is straight up psycho. It's like she had kids just so she could always have someone around to mock and bitch-slap. Now I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that's not a good reason to have kids. Plus her hair looks like Kim Kardashian's ass. Just as you know…a funny aside.


Mrs. Doofenshmirtz–Phineas And Ferb


I'm pretty sure we can blame Mrs. Doofenshmirtz for turning Heinz into the evil doofus that he became. She dressed him in girl clothes for the first year of his life! Plus she clearly favored Roger. And according to my sisters, there's nothing worse than a mother that obviously favors one child over another. I've never noticed my mom doing this, so I have no idea what they're talking about. 


Lois Griffin–Family Guy


I know everyone hates Meg, but Lois is her MOTHER! She should spend more time having mother/daughter spa days, less time banging former President Bill Clinton. I guess we could blame her bad behavior on her possible drug use, but that doesn't really make her a better mother. 


Pickles Oblong–The Oblongs


When I think of the qualities that make a great mother, chain-smoker and alcoholic usually aren't amongst them.  Although if I had those four kids, I might become an alcoholic myself. Maybe if you have Pickles anywhere in your name you should just get your tubes tied.


Krystle– Squidbillies


Having Krystle for a mom is like being raised by the People of Walmart. Poor Rusty is for sure doomed to a life of  unironic trucker hats, drinking 'party liquor' and squatting on stained mattresses. Ewww. Living on that mattress is what I imagine hell must be like.

Who do you think is the worst cartoon mom? Is there a horrible cartoon mom I forgot? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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