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10 Worst Celebrity Tweets of 2010

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It should come as no surprise that giving certain celebrities a forum to broadcast every thought that pops into their brainless heads would lead to comical displays of narcissism. But with their lame attempts at humor, extreme TMI-itis and general WTF-ness, these are definitely ten of the worst tweets from ten of the most annoying celebrities around. Naturally all the Kardashian sisters made the list.


10. John Mayer

The king of all twitter d-bags. Actually scratch that, the king of all d-bags.


9. Khloe Kardashian

You know it’s also TMI to tweet about something that’s TMI. FYI.


8. Jessica Simpson

It’s also probably hard 2 work out on the punching bag when ur holding a phone and tweeting, you twit.


7. Jenny McCarthy

How to look like a washed up, ex-ho in 140 characters or less. Newsflash! You’re vagina is no longer a trending topic.


6. Kourtney Kardashian

Do Kardashians have brains? Yes they do. Unfortunately they are the size of a flea’s nut sack.


5. Solange Knowles

I guess since Beyonce is the pretty sister, the talented sister , the famous sister…all that was left for poor Solange was the batsh*t, crazy sister.


4. Jason Mraz

Psst…you just told! Now put your fart jeans back on because Taylor Lautner has the ‘a-hole celebrity who always takes their shirt off’ thing covered.


3.Kim Kardashian

How do you spell spell-check?


2. Dane Cook

Why waste money purchasing his comedy when he’s just as unfunny on twitter for free?


1. Joe Jonas

After being cured of the Cyrus Virus, seems Joe’s got a case of Bieber Fever. Looks like one Jonas brother wasn’t saving himself for the right girl after all…he was saving himself for the right girl-ish boy child thingie.

Who are the celeb tweeters you love to hate? Let us know in the comments!


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