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The 10 Worst Fan Drawings of Edward Cullen

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People love Twilight so much, they don’t want to settle for just the books, and the movies, and fan fiction, where Jacob is Edward’s boyfriend. No, people want to draw their own art to celebrate Twilight. Their own terrible, terrible art.

Now, these aren’t the worst 10 Edward pictures in existence. I’m sure there are worse drawings stuck to someone’s fridge, or saved on someone’s Zune, but these are just the 10 worst I could find.


10.  Trench Coat Edward

I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure that your chest muscles are supposed to be on the upper part of your chest. This Edward has a chest like my grandma. Also, why is he shirtless, but wearing a trench coat? This is a look reserved for the guest stars on “To Catch a Predator”


9.  Heartbreak Edward

This Edward looks like a cross between a Picasso drawing and Jay Leno. Also, do you see the broken heart there? VERY SUBLTE.


8.  Soccer Edward

This drawing is an “illustration” for some fan fiction where Edward plays soccer. This makes a lot of sense, since Edward’s immortal, and soccer games seem to take forever. (Am I right? I am right.) Also, he’s playing soccer while flying through some kind of noxious green algae cloud. This makes slightly more sense than the end to “Twilight: Breaking Dawn.”


7. Apple Edward

Is this supposed to be Edward Cullen? It looks like a cross between Ellen DeGeneres and Clay Aiken. At least Edward DeGeneres here encourages eating fruits and vegetables.


6.  Mermaid Edward

Sparkling vampires aren’t good enough for you? They have to be part fish?


5.  Derp Edward

The one thing all of these artists have in common is that really capture Edward’s stupid, stupid hair. It’s like everyone decides to start drawing there, they nail it, and then they just give up making the rest of the picture any good. “People will know it’s Edward. I mean, look at that stupid hair!”


4.  For Sale Edward

Most of the people on this list badly draw Edward Cullen because they love Edward Cullen. However, this artist “sold out,” and is badly drawing Edward for money. Yes, this picture is for sale. It kind of looks like Edward, but it just as easily could be a creepy guy with a trench coat. But really, is there a difference?


3.  Tattoo Edward

True, this one is slightly better than some of the others, but the others weren’t permanently grafted onto someone’s arm. The one advantage is that this “Edward” doesn’t look much like Robert Pattinson, so 30 years from now, this girl can just claim it’s a bad tattoo of some spikey-haired jerk.


2. Angry Edward

In this one, the artist was going for a specific emotion from a specific scene from the movie. The scene where Mr. Birdy the english teacher asks edward to quote 'biambic pentameter' or sumin like that. This looks JUST like that. Nailed it.


1.  Perfection Edward

This artist should submit this picture to the dictionary company, with a note that says “New photo for the word perfection. Thanks, Great Artist.” Clearly, this drawing depicts from the scene where Edward steals a cookie sheet by stuffing it in his shirt, then he stares at Bella while she’s asleep for a while.


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