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The 10 Worst Fan Drawings of Jacob from Twilight

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Part of the time “Twilight’s” Jacob Black is a giant wolf. Part of the time he’s a angry, fleshy, shirtless dude wearing cutoffs. Who WOULDN’T want to draw that? But for this list, the question isn’t “who wouldn’t,” but “who couldn’t?” The people on this list couldn’t thats who. It doesn’t help that while Taylor Lautner is considered handsome, he also looks like an alpaca.



So it’s an artistic challenge. These people aren’t up to it.


10.  Angry Jacob

Not all of this is horrible. I mean, those eyes kind of look like eyes. Nice try! But why does his far cheek have a hole in it? Who is he, Jacob Hex? Also, what’s the deal with both the furry-style wolf ears and the regular (or in this case, mini) ears? That is too much hearing!


9.  Half & Half Jacob

Jacob Black: Half man, half-talking-cartoon fox


8.  Hottest Werewolf Ever!

Is that supposed to be Jacob in the bottom corner? Is that the artist? WHAT’S GOING ON? Also, if you are such a werewolf expert that you know definitively the “hottest werewolf ever,” why did you model your wolf drawing on a house cat?


7. Jacob?

This isn’t a bad drawing, and yes, it looks a lot like a person, but I can’t figure out why the artist insists that this is Jacob when it could just as easily be Jordin Sparks. In the future, please draw the right face when you are drawing Jacob, or at least a face of the right gender.


6.  Sun Jacob

Finally, a picture of Jacob for fans of the creepy sun-baby from Teletubbies.


5.  Headless Jacob

This artist got a great start on the abs. Those abs are lovely. But could you at least finish the face? How am I to tell if this is supposed to be Jacob or The Situation? Oh, the words NEW MOON where the head should be. Classic artistic technique.


4.  Shopped Jacob

This isn’t a drawing, but I thought I should include it since not everyone can be bad at drawing. Instead, some artists express themselves with bad Photoshop. I mean, if you tried drawing a buttless, 12-foot, amputee wolf into a picture of a forest, it might turn out stupid looking.


3.  Were-emo Jacob

This artist is actually pretty good, but why does wolf-Jacob have emo hair? And freakin’ EYELINER? Does Jacob turn into a wolf, or the lead guitarist for My Chemical Romance?


2. The Perfect Man

I doubt many people picture their “perfect man” as having no nipples, one fang, and ears like an anime cat-girl. Also, what the heck is going on with the sink? Is Jacob washing dishes in the middle of a tornado? Is he lying down? Why aren’t our schools teaching our teenage girls how to draw sinks at realistic angles?


1.  Draw For Me Jacob

Why is this #1? Well, mostly because the person who does this isn’t just some girl scribbling pictures of Jacob on the back of her chemistry notebook. This artist runs a site called, where they draw whatever people request. I guess someone requested “Taylor Lautner,” but this looks a lot more like a middle school girls softball coach who got electrocuted.


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