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10 Worst Second Songs From One Hit Wonders

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So I was talking to my cousin the other day about the band Filter, for a really long time.  And their amazing I-hate-you dad anthem Take My Picture from the ‘90s.  Cause that’s what we talk about in my family; Filter, religion, politics, who’s last seen crazy Aunt Carol…

But she brought up an interesting point.  One hit wonder bands are a lovely part of our culture, but they never seem to just disappear quietly into the night.  They always try to follow up their hit with a second song.  So I thought I’d put together a list of the 10 best one hit wonder failed follow-ups.


10. Baha Men – Move it Like This

Guys, 2002 is officially the new 1994.  This song cemented the fact that these guys were destined for nothing greater than “Who? Who? Who? Who who?”  Which is fine.  Because when a band or a singer has a one-hit song, they manage to put all their creativity and emotion into that one song and it’s still artistically respectable.  Either that or it’s completely stupid. (RE: Friday)


9. Chumbawamba – Amnesia

The irony of a one hit wonder everyone forgot about writing a follow up song about suffering from memory loss is so crazy it made me google irony to make sure I was using it right.  These guys I learned are still active today and HUGE liberal political activists in Britain.  Hence them constantly getting knocked down.


8. Los Del Rio – Tengo Tengo

So there’s no video for this in my country?  Cause that’s a thing?  So here’s a link to some of the song…


Catchy right?  Could totally be another dance anthem.  Too bad you can never beat the Macarena.  Was that even a dance?  I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t constitute a dance if my grandmother can do it sitting down.  But whatever, it was awesome and I thank Los Del Rio from fondo of my corazon.


7. Right Said Fred – Bumped

Man these guys could write one gay anthem after another.  Gaynthem?  Gaynthem works.  So good for them.  I also realized the difference between Right Said Fred and Rammstein is that one plays horribly out dated cheesy music shirtless for young boys and the other is Right Said Fred.  HEYOH!


6. Vanilla Ice- Play That Funky Music

God he was the worst.  Why was he a thing?  Other than his amazing cameo in Ninja Turtles we got nothing of substance out of this walking pompadour.  I didn’t think it was possible to set white people back, but he figured out a way.


5. Twisted Sister – I Wanna Rock

You guys probably remember this song for the most part, I know I did.  But the video is why it makes this list.  People call the 80s the Golden Age of music videos which makes me think that people don’t know what Golden Age means.  Anyone else glad that MTV dropped the “music”?


4. The Proclaimers – I’m on My Way

I’m on Me Wi was the follow up to that 500 Miles song, you know, the one that was actually a song.  This song is SO bad it had to make the list.  It makes me want to blow mi breens out with a haggis rifle or whatever Scottish people use as weapons.


3. ? and the Mysterian’s – Can’t Get Enough of You Baby

96 Tears was AWESOME.  And it’s still regarded as ?’s biggest hit despite the fact that Can’t Get Enough of You Baby is now so wildly know.  But what I thought was cool is that these guys are a member of the family of 4 bands that played this song, even THEIR version was a cover.  I guess the record companies know when they have a hit on their hands.


2. Blind Melon – Three is a Magic Number

Before the untimely death of their singer, Blind Melon recorded this track for School House Rock.  It was great.  Remember when bands could write amazing songs despite the fact that they were educational and aimed at kids?  Oh the ‘90s…


1. Dexy’s Midnight Runner’s – Jackie Wilson Said

Win.  They’re Van Morrison-like sound mixed with their overalls made these guys the unsung heroes of the 80s.  They should not be forgotten, and certainly should be reduced to the “Come on Eileen guys.”  Here’s a little piece of lost music history to share.  Have a good one guys…


What artists do you think transcended their status?  Leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter @danborrelli

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