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11 Celebrities Who Actually Had Braces!

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Cruel and unusual punishment is generally (and constitutionally) frowned upon, and yet there are still evil orthodontists out there raking in the dough to torture kids already hit pretty hard with the puberty stick. Not even celebrities are immune to the misalignment of teeth that befalls us normal people, and even though they can often afford more discrete versions of braces, there have been a few celebs throughout time to rock those metal brackets like it’s sixth grade picture day, every day. Here are some.

Drew Barrymore

Drew was first inspired to get braces after an incident during the filming of E.T. in which she was mistaken for the alien rather than the sassy kid sister.

Angelina Jolie


So I guess this is as close as Angelina Jolie gets to looking awkward. Don’t mind me, I’m just going to crawl into a hole and stay there for a bit.

Prince Harry


Before people were all, “I wanna marry Harry,” they were like, “Did you remember to floss?”

Danny Glover


Danny Glover somehow makes his late-in-life braces look elegant?

Niall Horan


”The One with Braces” should be more of a boy band trope. Much more interesting than just “The Blonde One”.

Tom Cruise


Even braces couldn’t correct the fact that he has that one weird tooth that is DEAD CENTER.

Emma Watson


Weren’t Hermoine’s parents dentists too?

Faye Dunaway


Who would have known that Bonnie Parker, coolest bank robber and style icon, would enter her sixties with the dorkiest adult braces ever?

Dakota Fanning


Poor Dakota even had to wear headgear for a bit! Girl’s teeth got mad issues and these braces look especially painful.

Nicolas Cage


Leave it to Nicolas Cage to make braces creepier than usual by getting just the bottom ones. I don’t think they’ve invented a type of orthodontia that could make his front teeth look less like chicklets though.

Gwen Stefani


Gwen is a rare breed of person who actually looks better with braces! And I trust that those who aren’t immediately swayed by the braces will be digging the pink hair. It’s a pity she had to sell her eyebrows to the devil to rock braces this well.

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