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11 Crazy Celebrity Feuds!

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R&B artist Ne-Yo started an all-out Twitter war last week when he tweeted that he didn’t think Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi deserved to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine because she isn’t a musician.

“Wow. Snooki is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Really? I quit,” he tweeted about the Jersey Shore star. Snooki’s response? “Neyo’s (sic) mad that I got the cover of rolling stone? Hm you lost a loyal fan. What a buzz kill.#sorry.” Ouch.

Nothing is more fun that watching people who have everything in life, fight about stupid crap.


1. Miley Cyrus vs. Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

The tween world was rattled a few years ago when Miley and her backup dancer BFF Mandy decided to post a mean YouTube video mocking former-BFFs Sel and Demi online. Fans quickly rushed to take sides and most couldn’t believe Hannah Montana could be so mean. Miley later apologized but the damage had already been done.

Miley ruffled Lindsay Lohan's feathers also, when she impersonated the former Disney sweetheart on Saturday Night Live. Lindsay was reportedly sad that Miley poked fun at her current legal troubles and made fun of her on air.


2. Jay Leno vs. Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien was all set to take Jay Leno’s spot as the late night talk show king until Leno decided he wasn’t ready to retire – leaving Conan out of a job! Instead of getting mad, O’Brien got even – starting Team Coco campaigns on Facebook and finally finding a new home (and lots and lots of fans) at TBS. Leno was left with poor ratings – proving once again redheads rule.


3. Kim Zolciak vs. NeNe Leakes

It wouldn’t be the Real Housewives without a bff bitchfest battle. Kim and NeNe delivered during the third season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta when NeNe told Kim what she really thought about her music career. Thankfully the two former best buds kept it classy and didn’t rip each other’s weaves off, but their ice cold stares during the reunion show were enough to make us squirm.


4. Paris Hilton vs. Kim Kardashian

It was so not hot when Paris dissed her former BFF on the radio, laughing that Kim’s butt reminded her of “cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.” Unlike some of the other feuds on this list, this one has a happy Hollywood ending: The two kissed and made up at a party and are working on their friendship.


5. Paramore vs. each other

Back in December the band Paramore reassured fans that they would still perform despite the departure of bros Josh and Zac Farro. The brothers claimed that lead singer Hayley Williams was trying to take over the band. While Hayley has said she’s okay with them leaving, I think the boys are just being super whiny and are now out of a sweet job.


6. Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift

No one was more shocked than Taylor Swift back in 2009 when a drunk Kanye West got onstage during her MTV Video Awards acceptance speech, wrestled the mike away from her and declared Beyonce the true winner. Tay’s reaction? Write a hit song that made Kanye tuck his tail between his legs once and for all.


7. Selena Gomez vs. Justin Bieber’s fans

Selena Gomez had no idea dating the world’s biggest superstar would result in hate mail and death threats from die-hard Bieber fans. While Justin is sticking by his girl, only time will tell how long she can handle being the object of fans’ hatred.


8. Star Jones vs. EVERYONE on Celebrity Apprentice

Star Jones is no stranger to controversy – she’s made a career out of it. Now she wants to sue Celebrity Apprentice because she claims contestant Lisa Rinna keeps sending her threatening texts and tweets. We hope she’s not crying wolf, otherwise this former View host might find herself firetrucked.


9. Charlie Sheen vs. Chuck Lorre

It’s no secret that Charlie Sheen has officially bought a ticket on the crazy train, but he blames Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre for firing him from the hit show. "I spent close to the last decade effortlessly and magically converting your tin cans into pure gold,” Sheen said about his former boss. While Lorre needs to start thinking up ideas for a new hit show, Sheen is "selling out" by selling out appearances around the country.


10. Lady Gaga vs. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld wasn’t impressed when Gaga, who had been placed in his box seats at Yankee stadium flipped off the photographers and baseball fans. Gaga also danced around in her bra. Seinfeld handled the event in style saying, "People talk about you need exposure — you could die of exposure … I don't understand how this is good for her, but I'm sure she understands her milieu better than I ever could."


11. Paula Abdul vs. Simon Cowell

The two former American Idol judges would often butt heads on the hit show, sometimes resulting in tears on Paula’s end. Paula left the show before the notorious meanie Simon, but their onscreen fights were painful for all of America to watch.

What are your favorite celebrity feuds? Let's discuss in the comments below shall we?

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