11 People You Don’t Want at Your Party

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If you want your party to be a smash in a good way, keep these people out at all costs!

Entertaining this weekend? If so you’ll want to review the list below and pass it to the person tending your door.

These people will ruin everything without even trying so it’s important to shoo these uninvited nuisances away before any damage is done.

1. Drunk Girl

A little drinking is fine but she doesn’t know when to say when. If she gets going, and she always does, she’s likely to wind up upstairs with your dad.

2. Drunk Guy

Like we said, no need to abstain but if this guy gets his drink on he will get loud and obnoxious. If allowed to continue, all bets are off (see number 3).

3. Really Drunk Guy

This guy can do some real damage. He will break stuff and hurt people and it will be some time before he passes out and you can color him with marking pens.

4. Really Good Looking Dude

He seems like a nice guy, right? Wrong! He will take all the girls and become the center of attention. He will probably take your girlfriend before all is said and done. Even if he is your “buddy” he must not be invited past the front door.

5. Ravers

Ravers are very colorful but are also really weird with all that techno, ecstasy, glow stick, pacifier sucking crap. Next thing you know, they have plugged their ipod into the system and something that sounds like a construction site or a racetrack is playing.

Also, they will never leave. These people can party for like 9 or 10 hours straight. You’ve been warned.

6. Old People Trying to Act Young

Seriously? Seriously? Who wants your uncool mom or dad hanging around while you are trying to get your game on with members of the opposite sex. Plus, they can never really pull the look off and they wind up looking really strange to anyone that smokes weed. Wait ’til they are out of town!

7. Really Flamboyant Gay Dudes

We love gay dudes. And lesbians, too. They are welcome. But these guys feel the need to let everyone know just how gay they really are. And they are really gay!

This will make everyone uncomfortable especially your closeted friends who will feel conflicted because they want to join them but can’t in front of everyone else. 

8. Goths

Goths are really dark and depressing and will be total buzz kills by their mere presence. Tell them to go back to their underground lair or club or wherever before they darken your door.

9. Visigoths

Just kidding! We love Visigoths!

10. Kids

Kids have no place here. They will want to play kiddy games and sing kiddy songs. Before you know it, they have become the center of attention (see number 4) and the party’s over. Oh yeah, they’ll also drink all the liquor if you don’t watch them. Kids + Booze = Bad Idea!

11. This Guy

He may be a really good dude and have the best weed or tell the funniest stories but he cannot be allowed to come. He will scare the sh*t out of everyone and your party will suck after that.

We hope this has been helpful for your weekend party planning. Let us know if we missed anybody.