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12 Best Worst Sibling Rivalries in Film

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Take your little brother out of the dryer for a second and listen up. While some sibling rivalries lead to personal growth and a greater acceptance of your differences and strengths, these siblings need a restraining order. Check out brother against brother and sister scalping sister in the Best Worst Sibling Rivalries in film. Go ahead and make the sound of one hand clapping only children, being all alone may have upped your survival rate.

Mufasa v Scar, The Lion King

mufasa scar deat


The one sided rivalry that destroyed our childhood is a classic example of living in someone else’s shadow and dying your mane emo black to reflect your super sadz. Cheer up Scar, get a Tumblr or something.


Cal v Aron, East of Eden

east of eden


As you might recall from reading the Steinbeck book in AP English, Cal and Aron are a riff on the “first murder” biblical duo , Cain and Abel. While Cal is a lot more even keeled than the infamous Caine, he does vie for their fathers love in a way that brings dire consequences. He also steals Aron’s girlfriend and sends him on rail trip straight to WWI. Not cool bro.


Laurie v Michael Myers, Halloween 1&2

halloween michael laurie


Although you don’t find out that Laurie is Michael Myers’ youngest sister until Halloween 2, he does and attempts to kill her over the course of the two movies (and in the reboots and sequels). He actually has kind of a knack for the sister killing since his first target was his fifteen-year-old sexually active sister Judith. Michael Myers, worst slut shamer EVER.


Mary v Anne Boleyn, The Other Boleyn Girl

scarlett natalie boleyn


Although Mary had nothing to do with her famous sister’s beheading, the pair don’t exactly have that tight sorority bond I hear leads to cocktail talks about birth control and tampon absorption like in commercials. Even though Mary reluctantly got firsties with Henry VIII, it was Anne who ended up number one. That is until she couldn’t solve the problem of VIII + vagina =’s male heir. Math is hard for Boleyn girls!


Brennan Huff v Dale Hoback, Step Brothers

step brothers movie


The only thing that dies in this film about sibling rivalry is comedy (badum-bum-CHH!!). But seriously folks, this film is terrible and yet why do I have the feeling I would have received Twitter messages saying I forgot them?


Blanche v Jane Hudson, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

baby jane bw


In my dreams this amazing film will one day be reduxed starring Lindsay and Ali Lohan as Jane and Blanche in the most trashy, kitschtastic film ever made! In the meanwhile, the original twisted sister act is about former child star Jane and her disabled sister Blanche living in a decrepit Hollywood mansion. As Jane quickly breaks from reality she begins to increasingly torture her sister leading to a murder and a heartbreaking finale.


Isabelle v Theo, The Dreamers

eva green dreamers


Theo and Isabelle’s sick relationship is loosely based on Jean Cocteau’s “Les Enfants Terribles” (a movie I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about in Smosh Pit). The sibling’s favorite hobby, as it turns out, is going out of their way to emotionally destroy the other, for fun! Throw in some incestuous overtones and psycho-sexual abuse and you’ve got the most awkward Christmas dinners with the family ever.


Brigitte v Ginger, Ginger Snaps

ginger snaps


There comes a time in every girl’s life when they begin to notice certain changes to their mind and body. You know, hair growing in strange places, the unquenchable hunger to feast on the flesh and blood from a recent kill and how that leads to strained relationships with loved ones. The usual. I know when my sister became a werewolf she never had time to for me anymore, that’s why I totally feel for Brigitte when her sister lashes out during that time of the month.


Hannah v Lee v Holly, Hannah and Her Sisters

woody allen hannah


Not only do Hannah’s infamous sisters sleep with both her current and ex-husbands (respectively). But youngest sister Holly actually writes a play about it, rubbing her highly successful sister’s nose in her drama. It’s practically a horror film about having crappy sisters as well as dating actresses. Just say no.


Charlie v Donald Kaufman, Adaptation

nic cage adaptation


Even imaginary brothers can be a pain in the ass. When Charlie Kauffman wrote himself into his own screenplay for Adaptation he created an annoying twin brother that was popular and charismatic in a way he couldn’t be. On the bright side, even thought Charlie killed his own fictional brother in the script, he at least got a very real writing credit and subsequent Oscar nomination out of it.


Thor v Loki, Thor/The Avengers

loki thor rivalry


The gods, they’re just like us. Younger sibling (adopted) Loki, resentful of his golden brother’s physical prowess and father’s love, becomes Thor’s greatest enemy. If only Asgard had an Xbox, then they could have worked out all their resentment they way me and my siblings do. Living room victory dances optional but encouraged.


Michael v Fredo Corleone, The Godfather 2

godfather brothers kiss


The most famous fratricide this side of the bible, Michael and Fredo and their dance with power end as so many dances do, with a kiss. Only in the Corleone family, this is the kiss, of DEATH!


What do you think is the Best Worst Sibling Rivalry of All Time? Let me know in the comments!

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