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12 Bummed Out Mummies

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Sure, being a mummy SOUNDS cool. You get to have your corpse preserved for thousands of years, and sometimes you awake to bring vengeance to the living. But mummies have problems too. These mummies, for example, are pretty bummed out.

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Holy crap, why didn't you lock the door!?

You know I use this bathoom too, dad. 


Guys, that snowball went right in my ear.

No. I'm done with this game. It's stupid.


I don’t think people "get" my poetry.

It's about how my mom doesn't understand me.


Oh man, I left my favorite jacket on the bus!

I think my wallet was in there!


Wait doctor. What KIND of herpes?

24 hour herpes, right?


Cannot save file. Reboot?

I've been working on this paper for 3 hours!


Is this Bieber CD on repeat?

Let me out of this thing!


I can't believe they canceled "Scrubs."

That was my favorite show!


What do you mean you aren’t really 18?

Wait? Do you mean pregnant with a BABY?


You only play FarmVille?

You said you were a "gamer girl."


What are those 2 girls going to do with that 1 cup?

Why won't my browser close. NOOOO!


Hey, a Facebook friend request. Wait. MOM!?

No, that girl in my profile pic is not my girlfriend. No, you can't meet her.



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