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12 Cosplay Cats

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Say what you will about your offbeat domesticated pets; your ferrets with kitschy names; your hamsters in neon-colored plastic roaming balls; your parrots who can recite full sentences, but there is nothing (NOTHING) that captures the imagination of the internet world more than adorable cats in crazy costumes!


1. Hello Kitty, Kitty

No, you’re not seeing double. This in fact a kitty dressed up as Hello Kitty. Double kitty all the way! I would imagine this creature being the star of the bizarre real-life lost dimension of the popular Asian cartoon, though I imagine the real-life version of Keroppi the frog not being anywhere near as cute.


2. Bunny, Mouse, Cat

Are you a cat or a bunny? A mouse? All three? No way bro, you can’t possibly be all three. Make up your mind! You can’t possibly be everything adorable in this world at one time.


3. Angel Kitty

With this particular cosplaying cat, you have to be really careful of the context in which its found. For instance, it could be an adorable print-out on a young Japanese girl’s bedroom wall amidst posters for random anime cartoons and an inexplicably placed Justin Bieber calendar. However, when printed on the tombstone of your recently deceased pet, its cuteness has severely waned. 


4. Super Cat

Cats and supermodels have more in common than you think. They’re both slinky in their body shapes, cold in their emotion, and almost always poised for a quick snapshot (and you better believe each time that cat’ll be fashion-forward). Plus a 10lb cat eats about as much as a full-grown model. Check out that catitude!


5. Miss Kitty

This cat would be a shoe-in for Miss Kitty Texas if there ever was such a pageant. Her special talent would be lassoing tiny bits of rope to a fake mouse and meowing out an old Country Western ballad. Though she may not win, she’d be happy just to be a part of the race.


6. Naruto Kitties

Cats already have fast reflexes. Ninjas have fast reflexes. A ninja cat? These reflexes can travel through time!


7. The Cat That Would Never Forget

Cat, are you supposed to be some kind of elephant? I’m surprised your owners didn’t go 100% and fix some sort of felt snout on your furry kitty face. Though, by the looks of your royal poise, it seems like you easily mistook the elephant felt ears for some sort of queenly crown and just never caught your reflection in the mirror yet.


8. Artsy Cat

If cats had an organized schooling system, then surely this cat would be the laid-back Art teacher, always insisting you draw what’s in your heart and consistently caught in the school cafeteria with paint splatter on its little kitty paws. Or, this could be an Antoine Dobson cat costume. Hide yo cats!


9. Harajuku Cat

I could just see this cat hanging out in the back alleys of hipster downtown Tokyo, lining up for karaoke bars at 2am with all of her cool cat posse, knowing about the latest underground surf mod garage concert without ever batting a kitty eye. This cat is way too cool for my own good, and could quite possibly be cooler than me. But then again, I could just be jealous due to the fact I will never rock a pink wig like this kitty so effortlessly does.


10. Grandma's Kitty

Okay Grandma, we get it. You’re really into sewing. As if we couldn’t tell by the heaps and heaps of embroidered sweaters you leave under our Christmas tree every year. I know you’ve recently expressed that you’re running out of things to sew, but please – for the love of God, don’t torture your cat out of frustration.


11. Meow Do Declare!

This cat is fancier and more distinguished than I will ever be in my adult life. When I look at this cat the first thing that comes to mind is, “This cat does not mess around. If this cat wants me at high tea at a certain time, you better believe I’m gonna show up, with bells on.”


12. Heil Kitler

Nothing says world domination like this little kitty vixen and if you haven't gotten enough of cats dressed like Hitler… you should go to this website

Which one's your fav?


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