12 Great Moments in Donut History

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Anyone with half a brain knows that the Donut is undeniably one of the most influential forces on the earth today, besides Oprah and the Emperor of the U.S.S.R. And in recent years the Donut has been making a valiant stand in the epic Smosh series known to the world as Food Battle.

But for too many years, the true history of the Donut has been forced to stay in the shadows. That is… until now.

We are finally standing up and acknowledging the role the donut has played in modern society–and in all of civilization.—and continues to play. Below see some of the moments we have decided to share with the world, as we restore Donut to its proper role in history.

1. Building of the Pyramids – 2551 B.C.

2. Buddha Reveals the Four Noble Truths – 528 B.C.

3. Religious Counsel to Henry VIII – 1533

4. Crossing the Delaware with George Washington – 1776

5. Captain under Napoleon Bonaparte – 1801

6. Custer’s Last Stand at Little Bighorn – 1876

7. Discovers Radioactivity with Marie and Pierre Curie – 1898

8. Advises President Franklin D. Roosevelt – Yalta Conference with “Uncle” Josef Stalin and Winston Churchill – 1945

9. Witnesses first A-Bomb – Trinity Nuclear Test – Los Alamos, 1945

10. Juror #8 – O.J. Simpson Trial – 1995

11. Co-stars “1 Night in Paris” – 2004

12. Wages war in Food Battle – 2006-????

Smosh The Movie
Smosh The Movie

Did you know : SMOSH: The Movie’s director, Alex Winter, played ‘Bill’ in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

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