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13 People Over 100 Doing Crazy Stuff!

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Take a look at some of the amazing things these seniors do. Alive for over a century, they continue to live their lives to the fullest.

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100-year-old Irene Colufax chain smokes.

100-year-old Abir Roim slays imaginary villains.

100-year-old Bud Macky wins gold in Special Olympics.

100-year-old Peggy McApline has sex in mid-air.

100-year-old Yerachmiel Schwara grows opium poppies.

116-year-old Maria Capovilla does a mesmerizing fan dance.

107-year-old Nisaburo Senba thinks about playing the piano.

100-year-old Ruth Firth throws sh*t at people who try to take her picture.

101-year-old Clark Gathers shares internet porn with his mistress.

100-year-old Wong Lee scares the crap out of babies.

100-year-old Walter Carter wears a space suit all the time.

100-year-old Peggy Griffiths searches for Golden Ticket.

98-year-old Laura Lundquist kills her 100-year-old roommate.
How Immature!

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