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13 School Lunches from Around the World

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Many of you might not have gotten the memo, but this week is National School Lunch Week. In the United States the word “cafeteria” might conjure up visions of mystery meat, tater tots, and cartons of chocolate milk, school lunches around the world are drastically different than what we are used to. Here’s a list of 13 different types of lunches around the world.



13. Sweden


We want to know where the Swedish meatballs are! And in lieu of that, the hot swedish women spoon feeding you whatever that gruel is while they whisper sexily in your ear where to find the secret buried Nazi gold.


12. Korea


Tofu, rice, and other Asian staples round out this Korean lunch.


11. Djibouti


Everyone gets the same amount in this cafeteria.


10. Brazil


With a well-balanced meal plan like this, no wonder the country produces hotties like Gisele Bundchen!


9. Honduras


Beans are a staple in this third-world country


8. Chile


Chilean children get a well-balanced and healthy meal with some yummy fries through in.


7. Kenya


Veggies are a staple in Kenyan school lunches.


6. Malawi


Students in Malawi get rice and beans in their cafeteria.


5. Japan


Maybe childhood obesity would go down in the States if we learned portion control tips from the Japanese.


4. India


Curry and rice and everything nice – that’s what school lunches in India are made of.


3. France


French cuisine isn’t just for fancy restaurants, they really know how to turn lunch time into a five-star affair. Mussels, fries, a full artichoke, and a slice of cheesecake make many of the other lunches pale in comparison.


2. Lithuania


Coleslaw in Lithuania doesn’t look quite as scary as the stuff the lunch lady serves up here!


1. China


Would you like a side of fish with your rice?



What is the best and grossest school lunch you’ve ever had? Let us know in the comments.


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