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14 Hilarious Stunt Fails [GIFs]

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The guys from Jackass have been pulling crazy stunts and pranks for over 10 years now. How do they have any bones left? This weekend Jackass 3D comes out. If it's anything like this gif, it's going to be good. HIGH FIVE!


If you've ever seen any Jackass movie or episode, you know that they say very clearly "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME." Well, these people tried their own stunts and pranks at home. And they failed. Hard.

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You might have to wait a minute for these to load… but it's worth it


Fireworks Fail


Roof Surfing




This Is Just Sad…


Skate Or Fail


Ball Problems


Double Fail


Trampoline Nutshot


Worst Roommate Ever


This Guy Is Bored


Girls Can Fail Too


Xtreame Playground!


Wake Up!

(Actually, this is more win than fail)


At Least The Fire Is Out…



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