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14 Weird Frozen Foods They Actually Make

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Food rules man. You can even use food AS A WEAPON. Sometimes, though, food goes a little too far. Also, sometimes it’s just gross, and that’s where we’re at with this stuff. Behold — the weirdest frozen foods!

Chicken Breast Rings

chicken rings

Real Fruit Pizza

real fruit pizza



(That simply is not a bagel.)

Crispy Pancakes with Minced Beef sounds very British)

crispy pancakes minced beef

Chili Spaghetti

chili spaghetti



Bubble Gum Ice Cream

bubble gum ice cream

(How many teeth have been chipped on hard, frozen pieces of gum from this?)

Old Skool Pepperoni Pizza Egg Rolls

old skool pepperoni pizza egg rolls

Turkey Hot Dog and Fruit Snacks and Stuff

turkey frank and a bunch of stuff

(I honestly think it might be easier to just make these things properly as opposed to putting them in the microwave)

Grilled Cheese

grilled cheese but frozen


Pizza and “Wyngz” and Cookies

pizza wings cookie

(Sell these things separately!)

Mac & Cheese Pizza

mac and cheese pizza

Baked Beans Pizza

baked beans pizza

Vegetable Ice Cream

vegetable ice cream

As if frozen dinners weren’t bad enough! Have you seen worse? Let me know on Twitter @Smosh!