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15 Celebrities That Look Like Pokemon

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Celebrities always try to look their best, but sometimes they look like fictional monsters that children train to fight.

Which is your favorite? Is there a celebrity that looks like a pokemon we left out? Let us know in the comments!


Vin Diesel / Diglett


Pauly D / Hitmonchan


Seth Rogen / Slowpoke


Jorge Garcia (LOST) / Snorlax


Dr. Phil / Omantye


Aretha Franklin / Gloom


Hillary Clinton / Weepinbell


Dog The Bounty Hunter / Arcanine


Christina Hendricks / Vulpix


Samuel L. Jackson / Buffalon


John Kerry / Metapod


Courtney Love / Jynx


Ronnie / Machoke


Justin Bieber / Mudkip


Tom Cruise / Raticate


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