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15 Totally Wrong Child Beauty Products

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Parent these days! Anything for their precious progeny!  Am I right?


The Jersey Shore Tan

Don't be humiliated by your baby's peaches and cream complexion!


Demi Moore’s Age Defying Leech Detox Treatment

Perfect for your Kabbalah baby…


Beauty Up Snout Lift

The non-surgical option to turn your little one into a pig-nosed cutie!


Beer Hair Rinse

So intoxicating,  you'll start using it yourself!


Little Hottie Lip Gloss

This product is Pedobear approved!


Latisse For Kids!

WARNING: This product is NOT FDA approved. 


My First Wax

This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you.


The F-Cup Cookie

Guaranteed to produce!


Luscious Lip Pumper

No one will know she wasn't born that way!



When you tell them they need to be careful or their face will stay that way forever…MEAN IT! Plus it'll feel great to look younger than the little brat forever!


Goatee Stencil

Why wait? Look like a d-bag NOW!


Nair Pretty Spray

Because you're never too young to have unwanted hair.


Paris Hilton's Dream Catcher Hair Extensions

Capatalizing on the controversial Navajo trend!


My First Razor

Smooth like Daddy!


Different Daddy Contact Lenses

You don't really need to be reminded of that jerk everytime you look at your baby, do you?

Which is your favorite wrong child beauty product? Let us know in the comments!

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