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16-Year-Old Under Investigation For Tweeting a Call Assassinate The President

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One of the most interesting narratives coming out of this year's presidential election is about the role social media. Politico reports that over 4 million tweets about last week's Democratic National Convention went out, which is double the number of tweets that went out on Election Day 2008 in total. So, for the candidates, Twitter's huge boom in popularity can be a useful tool for getting their message out. Unfortunately, the flip side is that hateful idiots can get their messages out too.

alyssa douglas tweet
She probably has a lot of healthy friendships.

Alyssa Douglas wrote that Tweet last week and is now obviously being investigated by the Secret Service. You see, the Secret Service isn't necessarily the type of organization that let's this sort of stuff slide. Remember, they spend their day protecting the most powerful man in the world from harm. That kind of responsibility doesn't make for a lot levity.

secret service
And this is them AFTER their weekly ice cream/ Magic the Gathering night.

But the Secret Service aren't the only organization Douglas is now going to be dealing with, whether she knows it or not—all threats made against the president are referred to the intelligence agency. So I hope Alyssa Douglas is prepared to be watched for her entire life by nameless, faceless specters, making sure she doesn't join the Occupy movement or lie about her income while leasing a car.

nice house
There are literally 16 intelligence agents IN THIS VERY PHOTOGRAPH.

This tweet was obviously a huge mistake on Douglas' part, and one you'd think common sense would prevent you from making. But even if she's never going to be able to get a public sector job, make an untapped telephone call, or erase this black mark on her record, Alyssa Douglas is experiencing one consequence that's almost too horrible to fathom.

account gone

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