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17 Badass Movies That Were SNUBBED by the Oscars

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The Oscars are about honoring the very best in cinema, so HOW IN THE HECK did the Academy Of Motion Pictures overlook these gems? Come on… "King's Speech?" There are BARELY any explosions in that! And it's not in 3D. WTF. Here are some badass movies that were SNUBBED by the Oscars.



Boobs, badasses, explosions, and machetes. What’s not to love, academy?


Jackass 3D

How come when some A-lister puts on a fake nose or gains 40 lbs, they get Oscar buzz, but Johnny Knoxville almost gets his face kicked in, and NOTHING. Match that “brave performance,” Colin Firth.


Resident Evil

The evil is resident. It’s not moving out anytime soon.


Black Waters

It’s about conserving water. I think.


Sea Rex

It teaches kids about deadly underwater dinosaurs, while at the same time giving you a headache with the 3D. “Black Swan” game me headaches, so they are probably about the same movie.


Kenny Chesney

It’s not just a concert film. It’s an experience.


Survival Of The Dead

It’s about zombies, tryin’ to survive. Think about it., man. That’s DEEP.


Hatchet II

Way scarier than Hatchet I. Isn’t there an Oscar for most improved?



It’s a rapist hybrid human creature that bones Adrian Brody. Adrian Brody won an Oscar. Therefore, this movie needs an Oscar.


Piranha 3D

A lot of movies *cough cough AVATAR cough cough* use 3D as some cheap gimmick to shock viewers. In Piranha 3D, the 3D advances the STORY, man.



A lot of people would expect a movie based on a classic story and with good actors and a huge budget to be watchable. Wolfman defies those expectations, and it’s that kind of bold decision that the Academy should recognize.


Dahmer Vs. Gacy

Two of the most fearsome killers of all time face off in what HAS to be a true story.



Two of the most fearsome killers of all time face off in what HAS to be a true story.


The Crazies

You know what the hardest acting is? When you have to act crazy. This movie had TONS of that.


Bitch Slap

It’s the slap type that everyone talks about, but when they finally make a movie, it gets completely overlooked.


Legend Of The Guardians The Owls Of Ga'Hoole

There have been hundreds of movies about owls, but in the entire history of cinema, only ONE had the guts to take on Ga’Hoole owl controversy. This film is just too brave for Hollywood.


The Human Centipede

True cinema is about bringing people together, what brings people more together than sewing them together? NOTHING. How could the Academy ignore this one?


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