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17 Effed Up Animal Mutants

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Tired of the same old boring every day animals? Well, here are a few you've never seen before!


The favorite treat of tiny lions.


Somehow, dumber than regular squirrels.


It makes honey that tastes like chicken.


You can feed it seeds AND bread. The perfect park animal. 


Fur from these guys makes the BEST handbags.


Watching these guys fight is AWESOME


This would make a great flying mount for Tom Cruise!



Great, a rat that can jump really high. Just what we all need.


The eggs are delicious, but you have to fish them out of the litter box.


He might look ferocious, but my dog would still chase this guy.


Easter will never be the same again.


Imagine the size of those eggs!


What could be more American than that?


I'm sure Paris Hilton would carry one around on her finger.


These things are always sad because they hate themselves.


Watch your fingers!


Sadly extinct.

Which one is your fav? Tell us in the comments!

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