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17 Illustrations That Perfectly Capture Anxiety

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Anxiety plagues many of us, but it’s experienced on many different levels. Some of us feel it during social interactions, some when flying, some while getting coffee, and some the majority of the day. Sometimes, it can make you feel less alone to see that other people experience some of the same struggles as you. By communicating what they’re going through, these artists have helped both us and themselves better understand anxiety. WE’RE NOT GOING TO LET IT GET THE BETTER OF US!

anxiety stressed illustration captured
anxiety illustration doubt
anxiety girl illustration funny
(Natalie Dee)
anxiety illustration great interesting
(Beth Evans)
performance anxiety illustration
(Miss Good)
anxiety stomach illustration
social anxiety phone call
anxiety panic illustration comic
anxiety illustration feeling
anxiety illustration to do
(Taryn Hicks)
anxiety comic wheel of anxiety
(John McNamee)
illustration captures anxiety
(Judyta Murawska)
anxiety comic living with voice
anxiety girl worried illustration
anxiety panic attack illustration
anxiety can’t sleep
anxiety procrastination illustration
(Marlo Meekins)


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