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17 Unbelievable Nebulae

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Nebulae are clouds of dust and gas in space where stars are formed.  They are often called star nurseries, because this is where matter comes together under the force of gravity to form the stars in the sky.  In a lot of the images, one can see actual baby stars just forming.  These are actual pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.  Unbelievable!


Caffine Nebula


Lagoon Nebula


Cat's Eye Nebula


Phoenix Nebula


Crab Nebula


Eagle Nebula


Gyngus Loop Nebula


Helix Nebula


Horsehead Nebula


Carina Nebula


Orion Nebula


Pelican Nebula


Eskimo Nebula


Triangulum Nebula


Calabash Nebula


Hourglass Nebulae


Hate Nebula


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