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18 Awesome Fan-Made Overwatch Skins

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Since Overwatch hit shelves and ruined our productivity levels for the foreseeable future, we’ve been granted countless awesome skins by Lord Kaplan and Co. (or is it Kaplan and Ko.? Are we following Mortal Kombat spelling rules?) But you know, it’s just not enough. It’s never enough. So here are 15 awesome fan-made Overwatch skins.

Hellspawn Reaper

fan overwatch hellspawn
via FonteArt

Soldier: 1776

overwatch skin soldier 1776
via name


overwatch skin starcraft
via tsabo6

Backwoods Roadhog

Metalhardt Reinhardt

overwatch skin reinhardt
via name


fan overwatch orca
via Geddu

Aquila Pharah

fan overwatch aquila
via Taonavi

Paladin Lucio

fan overwatch paladin
via Wraeclast

Shipwreck Junkrat

fan overwatch Carlos Ruiz
via Carlos Ruiz or Yaga

fan overwatch baba yaga
via jouste

Junker Zarya

fan overwatch junker
via kewminus

Death Maiden Zarya

fan overwatch maiden
via danyiart

Rangapravesam Symmetra

fan overwatch symmetra
via nisat

Demon Hunter Genji

fan overwatch genji
via aethage

Faerie Doomfist

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Oh Deer Mei and Unbearable Mei

fan overwatch mei
via Exaxuxer


fan overwatch santa
via ItsYairo

Blackwatch Mercy

overwatch skin blackwatch mercy
via AnimatedAnarchist

Otaku Roadhog

overwatch skin otaku roadhog
via MonoriRogue

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