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18 People Who Were in the Right Place at the Right Time

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Sometimes people end up in the exact right place they were supposed to be and something amazing happens. Is it coincidence, or is it fate? Is it random, or is it divine intervention? Is it arbitrary, or is it– okay, you get the picture. Whatever the reason, it’s better than the opposite — being at the wrong place at the wrong time (that’s where I tend to be). Here are some people who were caught in the right place at the right time:

1. This woman and her bag

right place right time woman bag

2. These dudes at a bar

right place right time cookie monster

3. This hardworking student

right place right time kiss ice cream

4. This pup

right place right time dog

5. These college students

right place right time college students

6. This man

guy on the train hat funny right place right time man

7. This cat

cat right place right time abercrombie

8. This woman in a hotel

woman hate right place right time

9. This guy who found this painting at a thrift shop

right place right time guy painting

10. This fortunate child

cat right place right time hula hoop

11. This guy who happened to wear the right shirt at the right time

angry birds right shirt at right time

12. This guy who googled his name and found his doppelganger from 70 years ago

doppleganger right place right time

13. This lady of the ocean

woman sleeping in ocean right place right time

14. This guy at a baseball game

15. This man on the train

guy on the train hat funny right place right time

16. These two people next to each other in traffic

lol wut license plate

17. This woman who accidentally dressed up as a phone case

woman matches phone case

18. This couple with a photo of each other as children

coincidence photos crazy smosh

These people (and animals) ended up in some crazy coincidental situations. Was it fate, or was it random… I guess we’ll never know.