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20 Crazy Coffins From Around The World

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People are crazy, even in death…  Many of these are just for weirdos, but many others are from the people of the Ga tribe in Ghana. Funerals there are very important celebrations, it's a time to celebrate a person's whole life. Often times the entire community comes together to pay for these elaborate coffins that truly reflect the person's life on earth, often themed after their favorite hobby or dream achievement.

Would you want to be buried in something like this? Which one is the best?


Airplane Coffin


Nokia Coffin


Rainbow Coffin



Mercedes Coffin


Boob Coffin


Nike Coffin


Cigarette Coffin


Shark Coffin


Beer Coffin


Industrial Coffin


iPhone Coffin


Camera Coffin


Mercedes Car Coffin


Mouse Coffin


Wicker Coffin


Chicken Coffin


Shoe Coffin


Elephant Coffin


Duffel Bag Coffin

I think I'll take a good old fashioned pine box but thanks.


Gamer Coffin


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