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20 Crazy Slippers (And What The Say About You)

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Slippers are like shoes, only we wear them at home only. It's like secret shoes you only share with your family or maybe a girl you took home. But if you get fancy ones, you aren't just wearing them for comfort – you are trying to SAY something. Here's the message you are sending!

Wii fanboy and/or forever alone.


Huge nerd, you are.


You like dudes in makeup.


Regular dinosaurs are not roboty enough for you.


You are a child or an adult who likes children looking at your feet.


You drop a lot of cookies on your floor and you want an excuse.


What a Sithhead.


Sock monkeys turned into slippers? You should have just saved the trouble and kept the original socks.


You never got over the fact that you can't have a pet Koopa Troopa for real.


You like Star Wars, but only the bad ones.


You like teats.


You like teats.


This is the last time rats cross you.


You killed Kenny!


You like Chewbacca, but still kind of want to wear his fur.


You yourself are pink and sphere shapped.


You have no pity for fools.


You like references to 80's pop culture and comedy that involves flashbacks.


You are making light of your vermin problem


You are in Team Rocket… and you finally caught him!


Which pair would you want?

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