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20 Dads It’d Be Cool To Have

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We’re sure your dad is pretty great, but if you ever had to pick a new one here’s a pretty good list of ones we’d like to have.


Han Solo

Flies a cool spaceship, carries a laser blaster, is best friends with a Wookie. Enough said.



You’d be totally rich, live in a mansion and have an awesome butler to help you with your homework and make Hot Pockets for you when you dad was out fighting crime.


Optimus Prime

My dad is a huge semi truck who turns into a giant karate-kicking robot. What’s your dad do for a living?


Tony Hawk

Just based on DNA alone you’d be able to do kickflips on a skateboard before you learned how to walk. Also, he’d probably let you build a pretty dope half-pipe in your backyard.


Steve Jobs

You’d have the newest iPod, iPhone, iPad and Macbook in class six months before any of the other kids could even buy one at a store.


Captain Jack Sparrow

You’d cruise the Seven Seas all year long in his sweet pirate ship The Black Pearl getting into all kinds of adventures and searching for treasure. Plus, he’d never make you eat all of your vegetables.


Freddy Krueger

Your teachers would never call him in for a parent-teacher conference.


Carlos Slim Helu

He might look like a grouch in this photo but he’s the richest man in the world with a net worth of more than 53 BILLION DOLLARS! That’s a lot of YuGiOh! Cards.


Stewie Griffin

You’re taller than him. Plus, he always has fun evil schemes for taking over the world.


Chuck Norris

If Chuck Norris were your dad you would be so happy that you would explode. Literally. So be thankful that he’s not.


Eddie Van Halen

He named his son “Wolfgang” and then let him become the bass player for his band Van Halen when he was only 15-years-old.



He’s good with spells and swords, can conjure fireworks at will and could take care of that pesky Balrog you have hiding under your bed.


Homer Simpson

You could never get in trouble if your dad was already the biggest screw-up on earth.


Samuel L. Jackson

He’s been a Jedi, fought snakes on a plane, and is Iron Man’s boss. He’s also probably the coolest dude on the planet.


Leonidas from “300”

Sure he’d make you go to school in your tighty whities but he’d teach you how to battle superior forces and show no fear or mercy toward any man, beast or foe.


Reverend Run

He lets his teenage son drive his $200,000 Bentley and he’s got over a million followers on Twitter.


CEO of Nintendo Satoru Iwata

Imagine having a Wii in every room of your home. Including the kitchen, bathroom and shower.


Snake Eyes

Doesn’t talk so he’d never nag you to move your bike out of the driveway.


The Dad from the movie “Taken”

You would never, ever, ever have to worry about being kidnapped and sold to someone in a foreign country.


The Terminator from “Terminator 2”

Oh, hey, guys, this is my step dad. He’s an assassin robot from the future that rides a motorcycle, carries a shotgun and has to do everything I tell him to do. What did you want me to do with my lunch money again?


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