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20 Least Embarrassing Uses For A Shake Weight

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A shake weight can be pretty embarrassing to use. Because it looks like you're firetrucking your own face when you use it. But there are more uses for a shake weight that just firetrucking your own face to get your arms in shape. Here are some of the them:


Saving someone from falling off a cliff


Stopping a robbery


Putting out a fire


Getting a baby to sleep


Fighting a werewolf


Helping someone with car trouble


Feeding a poor family


Whatever this Michael Jackson fan is doing (I don't know what he is doing)


Rescuing a cat from a tree


Freeing Mumia Abu Jamal


To complete a dinosaur skeleton


Brushing a hot chick's teeth


A replacement Oscar for when they run out


As Lil' Wayne's lawyer


Killing a bat while wearing a bikini top


Preventing Saw VII from ever being made


Judging American Idol


Judging Amy


As a stand in for Al Gore at press conferences


Giving Jim Cramer more crap that's distracting to do


What else do you use your shake weight for?


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