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20 Names Apple Won’t Let You Use Online

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A Florida woman was recently refused a service appointment on the Apple Computer website because of her name. According to Sandy Burdick of Florida, she was trying to do was make an appointment online to get her iPhone serviced. However, while entering her personal information a message came up saying: “You have an inappropriate word in this line.”



Apparently Burdick’s last name was too much for Apple’s dainty virginal servers to take. She had to call customer service and speak to a real person to get this problem corrected.



The problem has been. But just in case you were thinking about setting up an Apple service appointment online, here is a list of red flag names that probably won’t get past Apple’s stringent Puritanical name rating system.


1. Leslie Fingerbottom


2. Leopold Buttshanks


3. Gertrude Fartstroker


4. Arnold Choadwater


5. Candy Funsore


6. Xavier Boobchucker


7. James Cloacatwister


8. Doris Monkeytits


9. Bruce Manlicker


10. Campell Sweetnipples


11. Darryl Cockstubber


12. Alice Poopshove


13. Frank Dongpeeler


14. Tabitha Crotchsniffer


15. Orlando Asswaxer


16. Abigail Shufflenuts


17. Stanley Peegargler


18. Desmond Yankdode


19.Ursula Sweatyballs


20. Seamus Pubebender


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