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20 Things I Should Have Done Today Instead Of Playing StarCraft 2

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Blizzard Entertainment finally released StarCraft 2: Wings Of Liberty yesterday. It’s the sequel, of course, to the popular, space-themed strategy game StarCraft  & the StarCraft Brood War Expansion Pack.


It’s been twelve years since the original StarCraft came out and I’ve been waiting a long time to play this new version. So, once I bought it the other night at midnight that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing.


Here’s a list of the twenty things that I was planning on doing today that did not get done, because of my new SC2 addiction.


1. Cure Cancer


2. Clean My Room


3. Go Outside And See The Sun


4. Teach A Dolphin How To Read


5. Teach A Group Of Blind People Karate


6. Feed My Farmville Animals


7. Call My Grandma


8. Teach My Cat How To Use The Toilet


9. Enter And Win A Rap Battle


10. Build A Real-Life Transformer In My Garage


11. Paint An Awesome Picture Of Someone Famous


12. Gym, Tan, Laundry


13. Make A Video Telling All My Haters To Suck It


14. Pray For Rush Limbaugh’s Death


15. Wash My Car


16. Teach Myself To Win A Fiddle Contest With The Devil


17. Get A New Tattoo


18. Organize A Flash Mob


19. Apply To Pirate School For The Fall


20. Hunt Down Bigfoot And Seek Revenge For Him Killing My Girlfriend Last Year On A Mountain Biking Trip

Oh well, Starcraft 2 is pretty awesome. I’m sure I’ll get to all that stuff tomorrow.


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