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20 Very Naked Album Covers

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Why would you do this on your record? It's not like we can HEAR you being naked. Unless we can, than EW. 

Do you have a favorite naked album Cover? Let us know down below!


Quim Berreiros: A Casa Da Joquina


Orleans: Waking & Dreaming


Soundtrack for Naked Runners


Herbie Mann: Push Push


Kool and the Gang: Live at the Sex Machine


Man O War: Anthology


Enoch Light & the Light Brigade: The Best of the Movie Themes 1970


Arthur H: Negresse Blanche


Brincos: worldevile&body


Sigur Ros: 'Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust' (With a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlessly)


Weird Al Yankovic: Off the Deep End


Coupe de Ville: Chicken


Prince: Self-Titled


Naked Asian Girl & Giraffe


The Handsome Beasts: 04


Francisco y Fernando: Vamos a la Playa


Buckie Shirakata & His Aloha Hawaiians: Stereo Latin


Jim Post: I Love My Life


Noeline Brown, Ross Higgens & Kev Gotsby: Year of a Naked Son


Kevin Rowland: My Beauty


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