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2011 VMA Lookalikes!

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The video music awards were on MTV last night, which is weird since the last time MTV showed a music video was 2003. There was a horrible 20 second long non-trailer for The Hunger Games, and Beyonce announced she was preggers with Jay-Z’s baby, but the highlight was the fashion. The horrible horrible fashion. We think we’ve figured out where some of the celebs got their style cues from. What do you think?

Lady Gaga/Travolta in "Grease"

She was NOT born that way…


Katy Perry/Packers Fan

She's off to a good start but it still needs some work…


Bruno Mars/My Hair is a Bird



Deena/Rainbow Lollipop

Originally was going to make this “rainbow beach ball” but that seemed cruel.


Nicki Minaj/Purple Scorpion with Icecream on his head

Scorpion is the least silly one in this comparison.


Justin Bieber/This anime girl

She's slightly more manly.


Kanye West/ A Douchebag


Did you watch the VMA's? Are there any good lookalikes we missed?


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