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21 Times Tumblr Made GREAT Points About Disney Movies

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Disney movies — you can watch them a thousand times and still miss critical elements. Thank goodness Tumblr users are here to point out all the stuff that you didn’t catch. (Not all heroes wear capes.) The REAL props, however, go to the Disney writers and animators for taking such a detailed approach to their work. *applause break* Seriously, though, those guys are geniuses. Prepare to have you mind blown by these uncanny observations about Disney Movies:

About the name of the horse in Tangled

disney point destiny horse

About the amazing storytelling in Cinderella

cinderella foreshadowing shoe fall

About who the real villain was

disney tumblr bambi's mom hunter

About Hawaiian culture

lilo tumblr great point funny

About Ariel’s sisters

tumblr disney funny

About Mother Gothel

rapunzel tumblr great point

About Ariel’s knowledge of cutlery

fork mermaid great point disney

About Disney princes

disney prince scumbag tumblr

About crying in a Disney movie

disney dramatically sob tumblr point

About Li Shang’s signature song

funny disney tumblr mulan

About that one comment Mufasa made

disney great point lion king

About some prince’s similarities

tumblr great point flynn rider

About Buzz Lightyear’s skills

footwork toy story tumblr

About the elitism in Lion King

disney great point circle of life

About Jane and Belle’s different tutoring methods

tumblr disney point belle jane

About Dr. Facilier’s shadow

tumblr disney point funny

About Up’s similarity to Frozen

up frozen funny combo

About Ursula’s good-heartedness

tumblr makes great point ursula disney

About Nani Pelekai

disney point human tumblr

About Shan Yu’s response to Mulan

disney tumblr mullein response

About Mulan’s super realistic romance

mullein reality funny tumblr


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