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22 Movie Kids Who Will Eat Your Soul

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If you thought Paranormal Activity movies were freaky, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Smosh is proud to present 22 movie kids who will scare the crap out of you.


22. Tomás – “Orphanage”

Tomás isn’t a bad kid. He just wants you to play with him in his secret room. Forever.


21. The Grady Twins – “The Shining”

These sweet angels would also like to play with you forever. Probably so they can steal your Big Wheel. Or watch your dad chop you up with an axe.


20. Joshua Cairn – “Joshua”

All Joshua wants is someone to love him. But don’t cross him, or he’ll throw the baby down the stairs. What a little sweetheart!


19. Claudia – “Interview with the Vampire”

She may be a beautiful child and an excellent pianist, but if she’s hungry, Claudia will rip open your throat and suck you dry. Nom, nom, nom…


18. David Sandborn – “Whisper”

David is so evil his own mom pays someone to kill him. His hobby is whispering into people’s ears until they kill themselves. Nice!


17. The Kids from “Village of the Damned”

These demon kids’ eyes don’t have to be glowing neon green. Their empty, dead stares scare the bejeesus out of us.


16. Niles & Holland Perry – “The Other”

What a pair of cutie pies! But watch out … Niles and Holland will pickle your baby in brine. I’m just sayin’.


15. Reagan MacNiell – “The Exorcist”

Lovely Regan can levitate, turn her head all the way around and vomit at will. What a talented little lady!


14. Damien Thorn – “The Omen”

Don’t mess with Damien or he’ll set the hounds of hell on you. Literally.


13. Rhonda Penmark – “The Bad Seed”

How could little Rhonda ever hurt anyone? It’s easy … smash in their faces with iron-plated Mary Janes, drown them, push them down the stairs or burn them alive.

Ta da!


12. Lilith Sullivan – Case 39

Don’t pick up the phone or Lilith might convince you to hack up your parents or fill your mouth with hornets.


11. Henry Evans – “The Good Son”

Drowning his little brother, causing a fatal car accident and shooting a dog with a crossbow … what’s not to love?


10. Esther – “Orphan”

We were certain Esther’s velvet neck band was all that was holding her head on, but as it turned out, her little-girl outfits were concealing something far more disturbing.


9. Gage Creed – “Pet Semetary”

Note to self: If your toddler dies, don’t bury him in the pet cemetery unless you want him come back and kill you with a dirty hypodermic needle.


8. Samara Morgan – “The Ring”

Be careful … she never sleeps.


7. The Little Boys from “Wicked Little Things”

There’s something about a bunch of 100-year old dead kids in early 19th century clothes beating people to death with farm implements that really creeps us out…


6. Melissa Grapps – “Kill Baby, Kill!”

Trampled to death by the drunken townspeople during a village festival, Melissa Grapps is dead, Transylvanian and PISSED OFF.


5. The Kids from “Devil Times Five”

A nice couple rescues five cute children from a bus accident, only find out the kiddos are actually murderous psychopaths on their way to a mental institute. Surprise!


4. Timmy, Debbie & Curtis – “Bloody Birthday”

Born on the same night under an odd alignment of stars, these kids celebrate their 10th birthday by teaming up to shoot, stab and strangle their neighbors. Happy birthday!


3. Ralphie Glick – “Salem’s Lot”

Scratch, scratch, scratch … vampire Ralphie says, “Danny, let me in — I want to play!”


2. Job – “Children of the Corn”

What can we say about Job? He enjoys long walks in the cornfield, burning adults on crosses and worshipping the devil.


1. Toshio – “The Grudge”

No words are necessary.

Can you think of any that I forgot? Let me know in the comments!


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