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24 Alternative Uses for a Snuggie

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Hanging out with your grandma isn’t the only thing you can do in your Snuggie. May we suggest a few ideas for other uses?


1. I like to get really drunk in my Snuggie.

The question is, did she put on the Snuggie before or after she downed five beers?


2. I like to look like a douche in my Snuggie.

With all the new Snuggie styles and colors, now your dad can look like a total weiner, too! You better pray that he doesn’t wear it when comes to watch you skateboard.


3. I like to pick up hot chicks in my Snuggie.

There’s no way these tools would have landed these babes without their Snuggies.


4. I like to worship the devil in my Snuggie.

Wearing a Snuggie adds a light-hearted touch when you and your friends get together to practice the dark arts.


5. I like to show off my perm in my Snuggie.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have found that they score more points when they wear matching Snuggies.


6. I like to be a Sith Lord in my Snuggie.

There’s no apprentice without a master, and no master without a Snuggie.


7. I like to have a threesome in my Snuggie.

Hanging out on the couch is cooler with two chicks and three Snuggies.


8. I like to look like Zaphod Beeblebrox in my Snuggie.

If you forget your towel, you can always use your Snuggie.


9. I like to troll for young guys in my Snuggie.

It’s a fact: 45-year-old women look even hotter in a Snuggie.


10. I like to keep my Alien warm in my Snuggie.

Until he’s ready to burst out of your chest and devour your crew, why not keep your acid-spitting alien cozy in a Snuggie?


11. I like to like to explore new feelings in my Snuggie.

The next time you and your “friend” curl up, you can show her your real feelings by playing footsie in your hers-and-hers Snuggie.


12. I like to go to Ren Faire in my Snuggie.

Dude, where’s my sword?


13. I like to view Internet porn in my Snuggie.

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14. I like to fight terrorism in my Snuggie.

It’s easier to institute national healthcare coverage in a Snuggie.


15. I like to lead my cult in my Snuggie.

The Halle-Bop comet is cold and icy, so if you’re thinking about riding it to your utopia in the sky, you’d better wear a Snuggie.


16. I like to breathe underwater in my Snuggie.

WTF? Who puts a fish in a Snuggie?


17. I like to scare little kids in my Snuggie.

We don’t know what this thing is, but he’s even scarier in a Snuggie.


18. I like to play Cooking Mama in my Snuggie.

Gamer chicks love grown men who play little-girl games in their Snuggies!


19. I like to shoot Sand People in my Snuggie.

The Jawa blend in nicely with the gullies of Tatooine in their Snuggies.


20. I like to go spelunking in my Snuggie.

Just bring extra batteries because everyone knows that subterranean flesh-eating albino creatures are afraid of light.


21. I like to be universally hated in my Snuggie.

The only useful thing the Klan ever did: inventing the Snuggie.


22. I like to tweak my nipples in my Snuggie.

Be careful, though … Snuggie fabric can chafe.


23. I like to take souls to hell in my Snuggie.

Even Death looks cute in a Snuggie!


24. I love my Snuggie!

Can you think of other uses for a Snuggie? Tell us about them in the comments!


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